Step 1: Favorite Projects

The Heart of B1G1: Verified, High-Impact Worthy Causes

Take time to think about your business values and how you want to align these values to the projects you support. There are over 450 Worthy Cause Projects to choose from, but for now, favorite just 3 to 6 projects to start.

This makes the process of creating Recurring Impacts in the next step so much easier!



To start, head to the Projects page in the top navigation bar.

On the left hand side of this page, you'll notice the Filters that help you narrow down the project selection.

By using the Advanced Search option, you can search by Keyword, Cost, Category, SDG, Beneficiary, Country, Region, and Worthy Cause.

Note: All amounts listed on the project pages are in USD. As the B1G1 community comprises of thousands of businesses located all over the world, it provides a common comparison to display all fees and costs in USD.



Bundles are a group of projects that are, you guessed it, bundled together. Bundles usually have a unique theme such as the Carbon Offset Bundles that comprises projects which will offset your carbon footprint, or the SDG ABC Bundles which bundle projects making impacts in different SDGs so you can make impacts all across the board.

To find bundles on the platform, simply type ' Bundles' in Category.


Global Projects are a special category of B1G1 projects that help you make an even greater impact in our world. What sets them apart from our ‘regular’ projects is that the Global Projects are not tied to any specific country or Worthy Cause. Instead, when you give towards a Global Project, you are committing to make that impact anywhere in the world. For example, when you give towards the project to ‘Plant a Tree in the World’, your giving could go towards any of the projects that plant trees.

To find the Global Projects on the platform, simply search for the Keyword 'Global Projects'.


I want to support a project that is not on B1G1. What can I do?

We are always on the look out for great new charities to join the Worthy Cause Program. Do you have a recommendation? Simply let us know at

Can I donate my products to a project?

We would be happy to check on your behalf to see if any of our Worthy Cause partners are looking for very specific items which you can contribute. However, if you are keen on giving via a 'product-for-product' model, you may find other giving services more suitable, as B1G1 specialises in serving businesses who seek to create impacts with ongoing funding in existing charitable projects around the world.

Do you conduct any due diligence before listing the projects? 

Yes, we do. Find out more about how on how B1G1 chooses projects and ensures your giving only goes to highly trusted organisations in Ensuring Effective Giving.

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