Step 4: Discover Your Widgets

Widgets that work wonders

Enhance your website communication using your B1G1 impact counters to show the progress and difference you’re already making in our world.

You can use your widgets in many wonderful ways and you have the choice to customize them too!

View Changing Habits Impact Page to discover how they have used their widgets to showcase their giving on their website.



Widgets are a simple and quick way for you to access and share certain information from apps such as B1G1. Some common widgets that you might have used are a Calendar widget, which provides a quick view of the upcoming events in your calendar without having to open the Calendar application or a Weather widget to show you today's weather on your phone without having to open the Weather app.

Examples of common widgets.


There are in total 9 types of widgets in your B1G1 account and there will definitely be one for you! 

  1. Goal widget: This widget tracks you and your team's giving based on the impact goal you have set and the counts stated there reflect the impacts created on your company account for the period you stated in the widget setting.

  2. B1G1 Impact Tracker widget: This widget shows your and your team members' live giving impacts summarised by projects. This tracks the total impacts created in the company account and all accounts linked to the company. This includes any impacts made in the main business owner's own personal account, as well as any impacts created by your active employees.

  3. SDGs impacts tracker: This widget tracks you and your team's impacts for specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). When you make contributions to a project that is linked to multiple SDGs, the impacts created will be "split" into the respective SDGs. 

    Note: SDG impacts are split across the trackers. For example, a project that provides food to school children is making impacts to both SDG 2: Zero Hunger and SDG 4: Quality Education. When you create 10 impacts with this project, each SDG tracker increases by 5.

  4. B1G1 Community impact tracker: This widget shows the total giving impacts created by the entire B1G1 community.

  5. Business for Good Map Banner: This widget is a great visual display of the geographical impact you have created across the globe.

  6. Your total impact widget: This is a great way to share your total impacts on your website.

  7. Your leveraged impacts widget: This is a great way to share your leveraged impacts on your website.

  8. Recurring Impacts widget: This allows you to share the impacts you've made through Recurring Impacts. It is also unique as it is the only animated widget.

  • Note:Widgets 1-7 can be found on your Impact Widgets page, while the Giving Story widget can be found on the Giving Story page.



    All widgets with the exception of Giving Story will be found on this page. 

    To get to this page, click on Share > Impact Widgets in your top navigation bar.


    Each Giving Story has it's own unique widget. To find your Recurring Impacts widget, head to the Giving Stories page, locate the specific story you are looking for, click on the ... icon and choose Embed.


    Displaying the B1G1 widgets on your website is easy. Here's how.

  1. Choose a widget from above
  2. Copy the widget code
  3. Paste the code into your website wherever you want your widget to appear. It's that simple!


View in Help Scout

Members often ask us for ‘the best way’ to incorporate their giving message on their websites and we do encourage all our members to create a special page to express their impact and their business mission wherever possible. 

An Impact Page is a dedicated page on your website that shows all about your giving journey and the impact you're creating. It allows your community to learn about the journey you are on and lends credibility to your efforts.


Example of an Impact Page


Over the years, we've learnt from many members about the content that works best for their Impact Pages. To get you started and provide some inspiration, these are some recommended items of content you can include on your Impact Page as exemplified on Sharing Your Giving - Examples.


This simple and concise statement tells your community about your fundamental purpose, and why you do what you do. 

Think about: Why did you start giving? 


To show what you've accomplished thus far, you can consider adding your impacts to this page as well. Traditionally, companies like to boast of large dollar amounts but at B1G1 we encourage an impact-focused thinking. How many days of water, trees, school uniforms, microloans, or days of shelter have you provided

To make this simple for you, we have 9 beautiful widgets that you can use on your Impact Page. Using Your Widgets will tell you all you need to know.


Setting a goal helps guide your journey and keeps you focused on the destination. Are you aiming to provide 10,000 days of access to education or perhaps provide 1,000 meals? Letting your community know about your goal lends credibility to your cause and helps you achieve the goal. Consider using the Goal Widget to help share your goal.



The media kit is a collection of useful pictures and B1G1 collateral that you can use on your website, social media, or newsletters. Using the Media Kit has more information about it.


You can create an Impact Page with the help of the different widgets we offer. There are 9 different widgets in total. Find out more about Using Your Widgets.


Some members have created beautiful Impact Pages that we are excited to share.

Need more ideas and inspiration? Click here to see a variety of beautiful giving pages that some of our B1G1 members have created.


Should my giving be overt or covert?

Sometimes, people ask us whether their specific giving activities should be expressed clearly to their clients or if it should be shared more modestly.

While we cannot speak for everyone, we do believe that all B1G1 businesses give because they genuinely care and want to do great things with their business. We believe that because that’s what we share when businesses are interested in learning about B1G1. We encourage every business in B1G1 to communicate their WHY —  why they choose to give— because we believe that the only way to create a world that’s full of giving is by encouraging every business to implement regular giving activities.

But that does not mean that we are asking everyone to always express their HOW —  how specific business activities contribute to a B1G1 impact — overtly. It’s perfectly fine not to tell anyone about your giving if you want to give privately as a business. And sometimes, you might just want to express your gratitude and share the joy of your giving business to your team and customers, for the part they play in making your business greater and in turn creating even greater impacts together.

We hope you’ll find your favorite way  to express your joy, your gratitude, and your belief in how your business desires to make a difference to others.

How do I talk about my impacts? Are there suggested phrases?

Over the years, members of the B1G1 Community have generously shared their experience on how to best communicate their giving. And interestingly, a small tweak makes a world of difference when you’re articulating the impacts you create. Here are a couple of these tips when it comes to sharing your impacts:

We’re always here to help you feel confident and excited in expressing how you’re fulfilling your desire as a business to make a greater difference. There are numerous ‘right ways’ of communicating giving. Above all, it’s about making your giving a personal, joyful and resonant message with your business, your teams and your clients. So enjoy the discovery process and watch how it transforms!

Can I use the pictures, videos, and text from your website on my own Impact Page?

Yes! As a B1G1 member, you are allowed to use this material. Please feel free to use anything of interest from B1G1.

Can I set up my Impact Page before giving?

You absolutely can! We invite you to share your mission and goal with your community. Do be aware that your some of your impact widgets will only be available after you've done your first giving


Specific instructions for certain website platforms are linked below. 

If you are still unsure on how to embed a widget on your website, your web developer would be the best person to ask.


Why doesn't the SDG widget count match my impact history?

SDG impacts are spread across the trackers. For example, a project that provides food to school children is making impacts to both SDG 2: Zero Hunger and SDG 4: Quality Education. When you create 10 impacts with this project, each SDG tracker increases by 5.

My employee created impacts in their account but it's not turning up in our company's Total Impacts, why is that?

Employee impacts - when they pay with their own money - is not counted as a part of the company impacts. Only employee impacts created with Impact Tokens are included in the company Total Impacts.

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