Managing Projects

This article is applicable for Worthy Causes.

Listing Projects

After you've been approved, we will invite you to start listing your projects. You can list almost all types of projects, and we do have a list of criteria that is easy to fulfil. When your organization is approved, the B1G1 Giving team will help you with listing your projects.

You can also request to add new projects at any point through this form.

All the details about listing projects, including the project criteria to be listed on the B1G1 platform, can be found here.

Delisting projects

 If you need to delist a project from the platform, you can also do that by submitting a request through this form. You will be required to send us the reason for the removal. 

Editing projects

If you need to edit any information related to a project such as Title, Description, Cost, or updating the project images, you can do so through this form

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