Sending Project Updates

This article is applicable for Worthy Causes.

Project Updates are simple - you send us stories from the ground and we post it to the platform. But the reward is huge - members feel connected to your projects and success.

As part of your participation in the Worthy Cause program, we require a minimum of one update per quarter, though you may share as many updates as you'd like with us.

Content of Update

You can send almost anything related to your organization and project. Should you have difficulties finding the right content, you are very welcome to head over to this document. We collected some useful questions that could help you on your way. If you're stuck, here are some questions to think about.

Organization and team

  • Has there been an update in your team?
  • Can you highlight one person in your team that has done something special for your organization and/or your projects?
  • Did your organization celebrate a special milestone recently, e.g. anniversary, number of people supported, etc.?


  • Can you share a story about a specific beneficiary that you could help successfully?
  • Can you share the impact B1G1 as a whole community had on a project?
  • Did you make some changes to the execution of a project, e.g. adapted curriculum? 

How to Submit

When you have your update ready, you can send it to us in one of three ways

1.     Fill in this easy form (also accessible from your User Panel)
2.     Send us an email (feel free to forward newsletters to us)
3.     Share a post to our dedicated Facebook group (you’ll first have to join with your own page)

Common Questions

What content works best?

All updates are welcome, and those that are accompanied by photos and videos are most effective.

Is there any content to avoid? 

We do not share direct links to your website, fundraisers you are running, or events you are hosting. If this information is included in your submitted update, we will either omit that portion or ask that you re-submit an update.

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