Account Dashboard

This article is applicable for Worthy Causes.

Once you've joined the program, you'll be given access to your own account. Here, you can keep track of all matters related to B1G1. 


On your home page, you'll see a quick overview of the funds raised by B1G1. This includes the amount Raised to Date, Raised in Current Month, and Yet to be Remitted. The Contribution History will also show you each individual transaction and you can Export CSV to do your own analysis if needed.


This is where you can get a quick overview of your Account Details, Organisation Details, Financial Details, and Profile Details

*Please note that Financial Details cannot be edited directly, but you can request an edit from this page.


Here you have an overview of all your projects, including those that have been deleted, or those still pending approval. You can also Submit New Project, View Project, or Request Edit

*Please note that changes to projects cannot be made directly, but you can request changes from this page.


Here you will find some helpful resources such as downloadable B1G1 logos, and links to every form and webpage you will need for the Worthy Cause program.

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