Annual Review

This article is applicable for Worthy Causes.

Every Worthy Cause will go through a review on an annual basis. The B1G1 team will contact you when it is time to do this. This Annual Review consists of 3 parts - Document Review, Project Review, and Board Review. Please refer here for the comprehensive guide to the Annual Review. This is a summary of the process.

Document Review

  • Provide latest annual report and audited financial statements
  • Acknowledges remittance promptly

Project Review

  • Provide updated information on your projects
  • Program scope has not changed
  • To ensure contributions received through B1G1 can always fulfil the intended Worthy Cause activities, you have the responsibility to review the projects listed and indicated costs.

Board Review

  • Does not have negative Google search results (on the organization, staff or Board members) without a satisfactory explanation
  • Communication turnaround <7 days
  • Website is updated
  • Has raised more than US$3,000 in the last year with B1G1
  • Activities are not associated with evangelism

Failing to do any of the above may lead to termination of your membership. We review the status of each Worthy Cause annually to confirm effectiveness and integrity. This includes a review of your annual report, financial statements, web searches and other due diligence deemed appropriate by the Board. We reserve the right to discontinue memberships based on concerns raised by our reviews, or if a charity does not generate sufficient interest from our members to make remittances to it cost-effective.

Please take a look at our Terms and Conditions here.

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