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This article is applicable for Worthy Causes.

If you wish to solicit contributions for a project that is to be delivered, in whole or in part, by a third-party organization or individual on whose behalf you have solicited the necessary funds, you must read and separately agree to the Addendum for Intermediary Organizations in our Cooperation Agreement

In simpler terms, if you do not conduct the project activities 100% on your own, but do so with the aid of another organization, you are acting as an Intermediary Organization and they are your Partner Organization.

Please note that as part of the Addendum for Intermediary Organizations, we also require documents and conduct checks on your Partner. For a comprehensive understanding, please read the Addendum for Intermediary Organizations

Here are a few key points required:

a. The name, address, and other identifying information of the third party;

b. The name, address, and other identifying information of each officer and director of the third party;

c. Organizational information regarding the third party, such as its corporate structure and bylaws, its registration as an approved charity, and other information relevant to its status under local law;

d. Evidence of the established relationship between you and the third party, including evidence of your ability to adequately monitor its activities and confirm its proper expenditure of any funds you solicit on its behalf;

e. Annual and/or financial reports prepared by the third party, if such exist;

f.  Links to any websites owned or operated by the third party;

Common Questions

My partner is not a registered charity, can I still apply to be a Worthy Cause?
Please do reach out to us at so we can further understand your situation. You may still meet our application criteria.

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