Leveraged Impacts

One of the ‘tucked away’ and yet most surprising features B1G1 gives you is the Leveraged Giving Impact (LGI) tracking feature. This is the sum of all the impacts created by your team members and the businesses you've referred.

When you invite others to B1G1, you are automatically increasing your giving footprint (meaning the giving impacts you have). The B1G1 system automatically tracks your relationships (whether they are your team members or customers/clients), and adds up the giving impacts created by your connections to produce your LGIs.

This connection is tracked through many levels and we call it multi-level giving. It’s another example of the depth we go to in B1G1 to make your giving even more important than you’d possibly ever imagined.

Where to find your Leveraged Impacts

1. Log in to your B1G1 account

2. Click on the Share tab

3. Click on Impact Widgets

3. Scroll down to view your Leveraged Impacts

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