Employee Accounts

Through the Employee Accounts feature, you will be able to engage more of your team by inviting your employees to create their own personal B1G1 accounts and to do their personal giving! Employee Accounts will sit under your main Company Account.

Employee Account Quotas 

Depending on your Membership Tier, you would automatically have access to a starting number of Employee Accounts, and be allowed to purchase certain numbers of additional Employee Accounts. 

Membership Tier  Solo Small Growth Established
Starting allowance (incl. Company Owner) 1 7 13  26
Able to purchase extra accounts?


(up to 24)

For full details on what is included in each membership tier, please refer to About B1G1 Membership Plans.

Managing Employee Accounts

Team Accounts Management Dashboard

Any Company Administrator can access the  Team Accounts Management Dashboard.

  1. Click on the main dropdown menu in the top right of your account, then choose  Team Accounts Management

  1. You will be brought to this page, where you can view the total number of accounts you have, including the number of Active, Invited, and Inactive accounts.

From this page, you will also be able to manage your team's Employee Accounts, which includes:

  • Assigning accounts to specific employees
  • Removing accounts
  • Changing the Access Rights of each account
  • Purchasing additional accounts

Assigning Accounts

If you have any Inactive Accounts (accounts which are available for use, but have not yet been assigned to a specific employee), you will be able to invite team members to utilise those accounts.

  1. Scroll down to the Manage Accounts section, and select Add Team Member

  1. Fill in the information requested in the pop-up, and you're done!

Note: Team Members will be added as an Employee User by default. Once they have accepted your invitation and created their account, their name will appear in the Manage Accounts table and you can amend their Access Rights following the steps in “Changing Access Rights” below.

Removing Accounts

You can also remove a team member from your account if needed. 

  1. Scroll down to the Manage Accounts section, and click on the trashcan icon.

  1. Click "Yes" to confirm.

Note: After deleting a user’s account, they will no longer be able to access the B1G1 system. However, any impacts created with their account will still contribute to the overall company total.

Changing Access Rights

  1. From the same  Manage Accounts dashboard, click on the pencil icon for the employee you want to edit
  2. Select the relevant Access Rights for the employee, and select  Update

Note: To learn about the difference between a Company Administrator, Business User, and Employee User, click here.

Purchasing Additional Employee Accounts

Tiny / Small / Medium Membership Tiers

If you have a Tiny/Small/Medium Membership Tier, you would have to upgrade your account to automatically increase your number of Employee Accounts, as in the Employee Account Quotas table above.

  1. From the Team Accounts Management Dashboard, select Upgrade to Purchase Accounts

  1. Depending on the number of employee accounts you need, select the relevant Membership Tier, and select  Upgrade / Renew My Membership

Large / Established Membership Tiers

If you have an Established Membership Tier, you would be able to purchase a limited number of additional employee accounts (24 and 49 additional accounts, respectively) from your Team Accounts Management Dashboard.

  1. From the  Team Accounts Management Dashboard, select Add Accounts

Note: If you have already added the maximum number of accounts for your Membership Tier, you would either see an "Upgrade to Purchase Accounts" button instead of "Add Accounts", or the "Upgrade to Purchase Accounts" button would be greyed out. Please contact your B1G1 Account Manager to arrange for more accounts.

  1. Include the number of additional employee accounts you would like to purchase in the pop-up and select Confirm

Note: Your payment will be charged to the same card used for your memberships payment via Stripe. If you do not have a card saved in our system, you will be prompted to add in your credit card details for payment, once you have selected "Confirm". 

Note: If you have any questions, please contact the B1G1 team at team@b1g1.com.

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