How Giving Happens With B1G1

The B1G1 Model

About B1G1

B1G1 isn't simply a giving platform or service; it's a global giving movement. At B1G1, we always focus on the impact your giving has on people’s lives. B1G1 does not take any fee from your contribution - all your contributions are passed onto the Worthy Causes excluding credit card and bank fees. We also break down all projects into the smallest amount required to make an impact, so it's easier for businesses of any size to start giving immediately (e.g. $0.01 to give 1 person access to clean water for 1 day, compared to $5,000 to sponsor an entire well).

The B1G1 movement comprises thousands of like-minded businesses of all sizes who are looking to inspire action and impact. Being a part of this community allows you and your teams to contribute even more powerfully and be a force for good, and take part in global, regional, and online B1G1 conferences and events.

History of B1G1

In 2007, B1G1 started with a simple idea: "What if every business could make a difference in their own way, just by doing what they normally do?". Today B1G1 is run by a social enterprise (registered company in Singapore) and non-profit organization (501(c)3 registered in the US) with a mission to create a world that's full of giving.

Separate entities

Your membership fee is completely separate from your contributions. If you have a look at your bank statements, you'll notice that these 2 transactions go to different entities - B1G1 Pte Ltd for membership fees, and B1G1 Giving for your contributions. By maintaining separate accounts, we can ensure that your giving is always properly accounted for.

Your membership fee covers B1G1’s operations and development of great member tools and resources as well as your license to use the B1G1 branding. B1G1 does not take any fee from your contribution andour contributions on the other hand, are passed onto the Worthy Causes excluding credit card and bank fees. and are directly remitted to the Worthy Causes once the threshold for remittances is met.

Find out more about how we Ensure Effective Giving.

How We Track Impacts

One of the special reasons to give through B1G1 (according to our members) is the tangible IMPACT you can help create with even a small amount of money.

For example, you can give $3.50 to plant a tree in a rainforest and help protect Orangutans, or give $0.20 to give a disadvantaged child access to special needs education for a day.

That all looks simple and easy to do. The question we often get asked is “How is it made possible?”. We've written an in-depth post on exactly how we do it.

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