Sharing Your Giving - Examples

We have some members who shared their giving in interesting and creative ways, and of course, we wanted to share them too! We hope you get inspired :) 

Impact Pages 

An Impact Page is a dedicated page on your website that shows all about your giving journey and the impact you're creating. It allows your community to learn about the journey you are on and lends credibility to your efforts. Check out Create An Impact Page for more information on how to do this. 

We've gathered some inspiring examples of impact pages from our members to provide you with ideas as you create your own. Take a look at these fantastic examples for inspiration:


Four Points

Coe & Coe

Prescript Recruitment

Product Placement

If you have a retail business, you might want to add the B1G1 message and branding to your product packaging and labels too. This way, your customers and clients can experience the joy of giving with you right at the moment they purchase your product. 

The license to use and print B1G1 collateral is included with your membership, so please don't hesitate to use what you find in the Media Kit. Here are some examples.

Latte Cartelle


Other Creative Ways to Share

Survey (for Good)


Email Signature

Event Tickets

Social Media Posts

Important Tips

  • It is important to ensure that the message you share, be it digital or printed, will not be affected by project changes. When you choose a project to link to your business activities, there is always the chance, no matter how small, that your chosen project may be delisted (*there can be many reasons for this which we cover here). We recommend using Global Projects in any message you choose to share because the Global Project spreads the giving out amongst a number of individual projects, there is never the risk that the Global Project will be delisted or unable to take on more funding. 
  • You can also reach out to the B1G1 team before printing your giving message too. This way we can help ensure that your promise is a sustainable one.
  • When sharing your giving message, it is important to accurately describe your impacts. All B1G1 projects are described with an impact such as one meal, one day of education, or one day of clean water. Do be aware of the difference between ✅' We aim to provide 10,000 meals' vs ✗ 'We aim to feed 10,000 people'. Find out more about how we track your impacts.
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