About Gratitude Certificates

Gratitude Certificates in B1G1 are messages, emails or letters that you can send out to your customers, business partners, employees, your family or whoever else you would like to thank. They can come in any size, shape, or form. Your B1G1 account also includes a Gratitude Certificate creator with templates available for A4 printable certificates.

Watch this really quick video tutorial to get started, or read on for step-by-step instructions.

Creating a Gratitude Certificate

Note: This feature is only available after you have completed your first giving

Follow these steps to create your own Gratitude Certificate in your B1G1 account.


Head to your account and click on Share > Gratitude Certificate in the top navigation bar.


Choose one of the four templates to start with by hovering over the template and clicking ' Use Template'.


Personalise your Gratitude Certificate by editing the 7 pieces of information. When you're done, click on Save Template.

  1. Photo - Either upload your own image or use a project image from one of the projects you've given to.
  2. Title
  3. Receiver's name
  4. Main text
  5. Photo of your signature
  6. Name and title to accompany the signature
  7. Your company logo

Tip: Click on each item to edit it. The panel on the right (highlighted in blue) will change as you select a different item to edit. 

After editing

Sharing Your Gratitude Certificates

Now that you have your beautiful Gratitude Certificate created, it's time to share it with the world! You can save your certificate as a PDF file and then share it in any way you like. To do that,


Head to your account and click on Share > Gratitude Certificate in the top navigation bar.


Click on ' Your Certificates', choose the one you want to share then click ' Edit'.


Click on the

red 'View as PDF' button

and this will save your certificate automatically as a PDF file.


Send it out!

Extraordinary Examples

Don't limit your gratitude to the certificates in your B1G1 account! Share the giving spirit through existing opportunities for communication in your business. Aside from creating gratitude certificates for clients and teams for the special moments, you can also subtly embed moments of gratitude into your regular day-to-day communications, or even into your physical location where your clients can connect with you. It creates a pleasant surprise for your recipient in an unexpected way.

Common Questions

My customer's name or main description text is too long and doesn't fit.

To preserve the aesthetics of the certificate template, there are character limits of 20 characters for the name, and 540 characters for the main text. If you would like to further customize your own certificate, why not try our Canva downloadable templates

I want to customize it even further. How can I download this template?

While these particular templates are not downloadable, our Canva templates are!

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