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Global Projects are a special category of B1G1 projects that help you make an even greater impact in our world. What sets them apart from our ‘regular’ projects is that the Global Projects are not tied to any specific country or Worthy Cause. Instead, when you give towards a Global Project, you are committing to make that impact anywhere in the world. For example, when you give towards the project to ‘Plant a Tree in the World’, your giving could go towards any of the projects that plant trees.


When you give to a Global Project, that amount is added together with all the givings made by other Business for Good Members to the same Global Project. At the end of the month, the total amount is divided equally amongst all the individual eligible projects. In this way, we ensure that all projects that need funding are receiving the support they need.


When you create a Recurring Impact you are required to choose one project to link to your chosen business activity. However, there is always the chance, no matter how small, that your chosen project may be delisted (*there can be many reasons for this which we cover here. Because the Global Project spreads the giving out amongst a number of individual projects, there is never the risk that the Global Project will be delisted or unable to take on more funding.  
You can now also make a difference in multiple different countries with just one Global Project and Global Projects allow you to achieve three important things:  simplicity, sustainability, and stability.

B1G1 Global Projects make it simpler for you to choose a project with a specific outcome.

For example, let’s say, you want to plant a tree. There are many projects in B1G1 that plant trees so instead of trying to choose one project from many options, you can pick the Global Project ‘Plant a Tree in the World’ and let us maximize the impact of giving by distributing the funds to multiple projects in different countries.

Giving to the Global Projects makes your giving more sustainable.

Often in B1G1, the lowest-cost project among similar projects tends to receive greater support. However, the cost per impact does not equate to the importance of the impact. We want to ensure that every B1G1 project receives support in a more balanced way. In fact, we often encourage businesses to consider projects that cost more because they generally receive less support, even though they are doing incredible work. The Global Projects help us ensure all projects are funded sustainably. 

Your giving to Global Projects is specifically designed to create stability

Individual projects may experience change at times - the cost of projects may alter or certain project activities may even be paused when enough funds are raised. B1G1 only lists projects with at least a 3 year track-record and a long-term focus. However, some changes are unavoidable. It’s important for projects to evolve too! 

Understandably, these changes may affect your plan if you are giving to specific projects and frequently communicating your giving activities to others.

Giving to Global Projects insulates you from the effects of changes because you are not just giving to one specific project. This way, your Giving Stories become more stable.


B1G1 is really proud of its projects, the people running them and the impact they have. The projects are continually reviewed in a number of ways. We not only review the financial status and the usage of the funds but we also review the on-going nature of the projects too. Projects sometimes are completed — their particular work is done. And projects may occasionally be paused too because they may be becoming ‘over-subscribed’. This doesn’t happen a lot, but it does happen occasionally. 

This is why we created the Global Projects as the Global Project spreads the giving out amongst a number of individual projects, there is never the risk that the Global Project will be delisted or unable to take on more funding. So to ensure the stability and sustainability of your Recurring Impacts, it’s a great idea to choose one of the current Global Projects.

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