When Projects Get Delisted or Paused

All projects that members see in the B1G1 Giving platform are considered active (or listed). 

At times, there are cases when changes in status might be applied. A listed project can be paused/delisted, which means that the project has been taken down from the Giving platform and its fundraising has been paused.

These instances are usually made during the regular annual reviews of the Worthy Causes and their projects. These reviews are conducted to continuously ensure that 100% of B1G1 members’ contributions goes to the intended projects and beneficiaries. You can read more about the Annual Review process here.

Why are projects paused/delisted?

A project’s status may be reassessed for a variety of reasons, including:

  • When projects have received sufficient funding and Worthy Causes request to temporarily pause additional fundraising
  • When external factors lead to project activities being paused (e.g. the COVID-19 pandemic, political unrest, etc)
  • When there are changing community needs and the Worthy Cause decides to conclude the project's activities

If you’d like to know more about the reason behind project status changes, you can also have a look at this blogpost.

What happens when projects are paused?

When projects are paused, they will no longer appear on the B1G1 projects page

And if you previously selected any of the paused projects for your Planned Giving, some of your features (e.g. Recurring Impacts, Automated Giving) may be affected.

1. Recurring Impacts (Manual)

Will the linked Recurring Impacts be deleted from my Recurring Impacts page / be automatically deactivated?

In the case where a project linked to your Recurring Impacts has been paused, your affected Recurring Impacts will not be automatically deleted, and you will still be able to view it on your Recurring Impact page. 

However, once you add it to your cart, you will find that you will not be able to give to the paused project, and the cart item would state, “The project in this Recurring Impact is no longer available. Learn why project statuses changes at times.

Do I need to create a new Recurring Impact or can I directly replace the project on the existing one? 

If you would like to replace a project in your Recurring Impacts, please delete the existing Recurring Impact and create a new one. You will not be able to directly swap projects in existing Recurring Impacts at this time.

What happens when the project is resumed?

At times, the Worthy Cause may request to resume the fundraising for the paused project, and the projects may once again be listed on the Giving platform. 

If you have any previous Recurring Impacts linked to the now resumed project, you will be able to add the project to your cart and check out as per usual.

2. Automations (API or Zapier)

If you have automated monthly Recurring Impacts that include any of the paused projects, the items will simply disappear from your future monthly giving, reducing the overall giving amount. 

So, if you do not need to replace them, there are no actions required for you. 

But if you would like to replace them, you would need to create a new monthly Recurring Impacts and reselect another project. You may also use any relevant search filters under the Projects tab to find similar projects, such as filtering by cost or project SDG.

What happens to the impacts created with the delisted projects?

The impacts you created from previous contributions would still be reflected on your impact widgets.

Common Questions

How will I know when one of the projects I support is paused?

Each member that has the affected project in their cart or has any affected Recurring Impacts will be notified via email from team@b1g1.com.

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