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We are excited to showcase businesses that are creating great impacts in the world with B1G1! We hope that you find the listing useful.


Here at B1G1, we love showcasing our members - businesses from all around the world who are embedding sustainable, habitual, and meaningful giving into the very heart of what they do. With this in mind, we launched our brand new business listing in Nov 2022 and we can’t wait for you to start using it. Initially, whilst we wait for members to opt-in to appearing on the list, only a handful of profiles will be visible, but this will soon change!

When searching for members, you can filter by Industry, Country, and/or State, as well as by B1G1 Champions (these are members who are active referrers that champion the giving spirit and help create more giving businesses in the world).


You can view members’ details such as their joining date, industry, and country. In relation to their giving, you can see the total number of impacts they’ve created, their top category, their top SDGs (and the number of impacts they’ve created in alignment with them). You can even expand the impact section to see their top impact items. 

We hope you enjoy learning more about other members in the B1G1 community and feel inspired by the positive impacts they're creating in our world.


To appear on the B1G1 Business Listing, you need to have done at least one giving in your account and under ‘Company Profile’ ensure that you:

  • Tick the ‘Make profile public’ checkbox
  • Tick the ‘Receive business listing updates’ checkbox
  • Complete your Company description
  • Upload your company logo

NB: Once you’ve completed these steps, it may take up to 24 hours for your company to appear on the list.


If you are featured on the Business Listing, you will receive Quarterly Impact updates via email on the 1st day of the month after the end of each quarter. (1st of January, April, July, and October). Of course, you will need to have created impacts in the most recent quarter in order to receive this email. We hope that this inspires you to continue giving regularly.

Many B1G1 Members implement monthly or quarterly giving with a specific budget in mind for their impact activities. However, if you are concerned about forgetting (or finding the time) to give, you may want to consider setting up automatic monthly giving or simply nominating one of your team members to be the company’s giving champion.

And if you require guidance on your giving budget, 1% of sales or revenue is regarded around the world as an ideal level of giving. That being said, we appreciate and respect each company’s own decision in relation to this topic.


How do I receive updates on my business listing status?

Turn on the notifications in your B1G1 account under ‘Company Profile’. This way, you will be notified when you have been listed and also when you need to carry out giving in order to maintain your listing. Please note that once you meet the listing criteria (your profile is updated and you meet the giving requirements), it can take up to 24 hours for your company to appear on the list.

What is the benefit of sharing my profile on B1G1 with others?

Whilst it’s awesome to find, connect and collaborate with other inspiring B1G1 members from around the world, your sharing could also encourage other businesses to start creating impacts too. At the bottom of your profile page, there is even a link so that non-members can learn more about the B1G1 initiative.

Can I connect with other B1G1 Members?

Yes, you can search for other companies in B1G1 and view their website and Social Media links too. We are sure that they would love to hear from other like-minded companies that are helping to create a world full of giving.

What if I do not want others to contact us via the list?

We take all members’ privacy very seriously. So, if you’d prefer not to be found on the B1G1 Business Listing, you can simply untick the ‘Make profile public’ checkbox under ‘Company Profile’ in your B1G1 account. Alternatively, you can keep your profile public without displaying your website and Social Media links. Please let us know if you need any help with this.

How do I become more easily found or appear at the top of the list?

To become more easily found, you can include useful keywords in your profile texts - including your product and service. Please be aware that your business description is limited in length. And in order to appear closer to the top of the list…you just need to give more!  =) 

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