Manage your Profile

The User Profile is where you’ll enter the personal details that make your B1G1 account uniquely yours. This article will walk you through all of the options available on your B1G1 User profile.

Profile Overview

To get to your own User profile, click on the main dropdown menu in the top right corner and choose Company Profile or Personal Profile depending on which Account Type you have.

Every user can maintain their own Personal Profile. Only the Account Owner and Company Administrators can change settings for the Company Profile.

Company name / Name

This is the name that appears throughout the B1G1 platform and in all your receipts, so be sure to use the name that is legally registered.

Company Logo / Profile Photo

You can upload a photo to serve as your B1G1 avatar.

Make profile public

If you're part of a Hive, this option determines whether your profile appears on the Hive page.


The Company address determines where your location pin appears in the Business for Good Map widget.


This helps us send you targeted content relevant for your industry.

Preferred SDGs

This helps us show you the most relevant projects and project stories.

Website and Social Media Profiles

We stalk the internet for the best content to share on our own social media pages 😉

Membership Plan

View and manage your membership here.

Change Password

This function is only available from your Personal Profile.

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