Accounts and Access Rights

Account Types and Default Access Rights

There are 2 different Account Types: Business Account and Personal Account.

Account Type: Business Account

AKA, the account owner. This account represents the collective giving of the company, and has access to all company level features. Each company will have only one business account tied to it.

Look out for the blue header to tell you're in the Business Account.

Account Type: Personal Account

Everyone on B1G1 has a Personal Account. This account represents the individual giving of either the main business owner or the employees of the company. If you wish to separate your business contributions from your personal contributions, you can make use of your Personal Account to do so.

Look out for the yellow header to tell you're in the Personal Account.

There are 4 different levels of Access Rights: Account Owner, Company Administrator, Business User, and Employee User.

Access Right: Account Owner

There is only one user at this level and it is automatically assigned to the main person who creates the B1G1 account (or has the account created for them). To change the main account owner please contact the B1G1 team at

Access Right: Company Administrator

As shown in the summary table below, the Company Administrator has the next greatest level of access and is recommended for those key users and decision makers in the business. By default, the main Business Account holder is a Company Administrator and this person can then upgrade other accounts to a Company Administrator. It is recommended to keep the number of users at this level to a minimum and review this access regularly.

Access Right: Business User

This level of access is suggested for users who need to access key areas of the company account to be able to initiate other activities, for example, Admin or Marketing teams needing to access widget codes, media kits, etc., and IT teams to be able to create business automations. Company, financial, and reporting details are not accessible at this user level so this is the appropriate access to provide external parties if needed.

Access Right: Employee User

Every business can invite a limited number of employees to create their own personal B1G1 accounts that sit under the main Company Account. This is where Employee Users can access and utilise their Impact Tokens provided by the company or do their own giving. All impacts created under an Employee User account will be added to the total Company Impact count and across the Sustainable Development Goal impact counts.

Summary of Account Access

  Account Owner Company Administrator Business User Employee User
Access personal B1G1 account
Create personal Giving Stories
Create company Giving Stories
Access 'Share' section of dashboard (Impact Widgets, Gratitude Certificates, Media Kit, and more)
View company's Impact reports
Manage team accounts
Manage Impact Tokens
Manage credit card used for fees (membership/Impact Tokens)
Manage credit card used for company's giving
View billing history
Change billing cycle for auto (monthly) Giving Stories
Amend company profile
Upgrade or cancel membership

Changing Access Rights

Any Company Administrator is able to add or remove permissions for the Administrator role and the User role. Head to Company Profile > Manage Accounts to adjust these settings as needed. 

Common Questions

Can ANY Company Administrator add or remove permissions for the Administrator role and the Business User role?

Yes, please note that any account with the Administrator role can add or remove permissions for other Administrators.

Will Company Administrators receive business giving receipt emails?

Yes. Every time a giving is done under the company account, all company administrators registered will receive a Communicare email with the attached receipt for the giving

I am on the Billing page for my company, but why can't I change the credit card used for our membership?

Only the Account Owner or a Company Administrator can change the credit card used for membership. 

How do I switch from my Company account to my Personal account? 

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