Manage Team Accounts

A wonderful feature of B1G1 is the ability to add your team members to your account, so that they can also experience giving. 

Adding a team member

Any Company Administrator can add new team members.

  1. Click on the main dropdown menu in the top right, then choose Team Accounts Management.

  1. Scroll down to the Manage Accounts section then click on Add Team Member

  1. Fill in the information requested and you're done!

Note: Team Members will be added as an Employee User by default.  Once they have created their account, their name will appear in the Manage Accounts table and you can amend their Access Rights following the steps in “Changing Access Rights” below.

Removing a team member

You can also remove a team member from your account if needed. After deleting a user’s account, they will no longer be able to access the B1G1 system; however, any impacts created with their account will still contribute to the overall company total.

Note: If you are using the Impact Token feature for your team, any unused Tokens in the deleted account will automatically return to the 'Unallocated' amount in the main company account's dashboard and it can be re-allocated.

Changing Access Rights

From the same Manage Accounts dashboard, click on the pencil icon for the employee you want to edit. To learn about the difference between a Company Administrator, Business User, and Employee User, click here.

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