Ideas To Involve Your Team

Appoint a Giving Leader

Any undertaking works best when there is guidance and direction. Similarly, in your giving journey, you can also appoint a giving leader who can help to manage your giving contributions. 

Possible of a Giving Leader:

  • Develop a giving strategy that's aligned with the company's core values 
  • Create a giving plan to involve stakeholders - both internal and external clients 
  • Manage Impact Tokens and allocation mechanics for team members
  • Manage giving budget and spend within allocated timeline
  • Ensure timely and regular giving 

Note: Giving Leaders are ideally given Company Administrator rights to access Impact Token Management tab. 

These are just suggested roles and usual responsibilities of a giving leader and if you happen to be appointed as one, we'd love to hear more about your story as a giving leader! This blog post on Why You Need a Giving Leader may also provide more inspiration.

Use Impact Tokens

One of the more exciting parts of engaging team members is being able to provide various types of benefit packages. To make yours even more unique, you can allocate Impact Tokens as a gift, perhaps for a birthday or promotion! There is no limitation on how to use it as a gift and for what occasions and purposes you'd like to give them for - that could be to celebrate hitting KPIs, for a work anniversary, child's birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthdays, or anything else you want to celebrate!

Refer to the Impact Token guide for more details on how to purchase and allocate them for your team members.

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