Invite Friends to B1G1

For every friend you successfully refer to B1G1, we give  50 days of education to children around the world because we are so grateful that you're here with us growing the movement. Plus, you are growing your Leveraged Impacts!

Once you've experienced the magic of B1G1, you may start thinking about inviting your friends, clients, or fellow businesses in your network to join the movement as well.

To start inviting friends to B1G1, 

  1. Log in to your account then click on Share > Refer a Friend in your top navigation bar.

  1. You now have 4 options to invite a friend. 


Type in your friend's email address and we will send an invitation email on your behalf. You can customise the message you'd like to send too!

Facebook or LinkedIn

Click on Share Now and a Facebook or LinkedIn pop-up will appear. Type in a message then share it to your community!

Share your code

You can also share your referral code directly with your friend. When signing up, all they have to do is make sure to enter your code.

Common Questions

Can I get my own custom referral code?

Yes, you can! Custom referral codes are available for all B1G1 Champions as part of your perks. Find out more about the Champion program.

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