Sharing through Social Media

We're absolutely thrilled whenever members would like to spread the joy of giving through their social media. You can do this in two ways - via Recurring Impacts and sharing right after you've done your giving. 

Share Right After Giving

After each giving transaction, you will see a 'Thank You' page highlighting the impact that you made. It's always exciting to be able to share these impacts which you can easily share on social media by clicking the icon of your preferred platform. 

It will then redirect as an editable post. Feel free to add more inspiring details in your post! When you're ready simply click the 'Post', 'Tweet' or 'Share' button depending on the platform selected. Here's an example on how it will look like when shared on Twitter:

Share Your Impact Stories

Another great way of showcasing your impacts on social media is by sharing Impact Stories. 

Note: Make sure you have already created a recurring impact.


Head to the Create Impacts tab in your top navigation bar.


Hover over the menu ... of your Recurring Impact and a few options will show. Then, click on Share.

Here, you will be able to share within the following social media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Common Questions

Why is the image that appears on the post different from the project I gave to? 

Social media posts only allow links to be embedded, and not images. The image that you see is a preview of the B1G1 website. If you would like to change this, you can replace it with an image from our beautiful pool of images made available for you in the Media Kit.

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