Movement Builders

When you first join B1G1, you are known as a Business for Good. But did you know there are levels of membership beyond that? We call these members our Movement Builders.

B1G1 Champions

B1G1 Champions are those who actively inspire others to become Businesses for Good. They embody and champion the giving spirit within their business, and commit to spread the word to their teams, business contacts and network so more businesses become a force for good.

Imagine creating many more giving businesses by sharing your belief. It’s a great way to leverage your influence to create even more positive impacts in the world. Being a Champion also gives you access to various resources that help you spread the word more effectively. For every successful referral, both you and your friend will each receive $20 worth of Impact Tokens.

An example of the Champion resources.

Ready to be a greater influence for good? Here's how you can get started easily.

Hive Builders

A Hive is recommended for those members that have achieved success in creating leverage through their involvement in the B1G1 Champion program. 

It is designed for B2B businesses with existing and growing business networks, franchises or multiple business units/groups locally and/or globally who want to be able to collectively track and monitor the collective giving impacts. 

The Hive feature allows you to create an even greater global impact by forming your own ‘Giving Hive’ — a place to engage and track your network or business group’s effective giving. 

By creating your own Giving Hive, a business network or group-based business can have oversight of and track their Hive “members'” collective giving impacts. 

Aside from the tracking and referral features, the Hive Partnership gives you the ability to offer your network (members of your Hive) something great to belong to. This sense of additional ‘belonging’ is central to your Hive. As a B1G1 Hive Partner, you can engage other businesses in effective giving, further learning opportunities and encourage everyone in your Hive to become even more purpose-driven. 

Reach out to our Partnerships team to express your interest.

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