Events in B1G1

B1G1 hosts many events throughout the year, each with a different focus and purpose.

Global Conference

The Global Conferences represent the spirit of B1G1 giving in action. At this event, you can meet with like-minded businesses from around the world and take away high-impact ideas, a deep sense of inspiration and make connections that last a lifetime. Find out more.

Study Tour

A B1G1 Study Tour is a learning trip designed for actively contributing B1G1 Businesses, their team members and family members to collectively learn, to connect, to engage with people on the ground. When you experience even just one of these tours, you really understand the impact of your giving.

These tours are carefully planned to ensure meaningful learning in sensitive ways to honour the people in various communities and held biennially so our members can learn from different experiences. Learn about some of the past tours on this page.


You may have heard of TEDx events that branched out from the renowned T community. Now here’s B1G1x, a biennial member-initiated, member-curated, and member-hosted regional conference – all centred around creating better businesses for a better world.

City Meet Ups

Come and join other B1G1 members in your city for an evening of giving and fun. Meet some of the most passionate members in B1G1, listen to their stories and get inspired to do even more. Every city meet-up is 100% B1G1 member-initiated, and we warmly welcome you to attend even if you’re not a B1G1 Business yet.

Check our Event Calendar for the latest webevents.

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